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Neotame Sweetener in Gurgaon

Neotame Sweetener is a high-intensity artificial sweetener that is used in various food and beverage products. With its intense sweetness, neotame offers a significant advantage over sugar, as only a small amount is needed to achieve the desired level of sweetness. It is a versatile sweetener that can be used in a wide range of applications, including beverages, baked goods, and dairy products. Neotame Sweetener is also heat-stable, making it suitable for use in products that require high-temperature processing. As a zero-calorie sweetener, neotame can be an appealing choice for businesses looking to create low-calorie or sugar-free products without compromising on taste.

Neotame Artificial Sweetener Suppliers in India

The strong sweetness that neotame possesses is one of the most significant benefits that it offers. Our company is one of the leading Neotame Artificial Sweetener Suppliers in India. It is thought to be somewhere between 7,000 and 13,000 times sweeter than table sugar, which means that just a very small amount is required to obtain the necessary level of sweetness in various goods.

Neotame Artificial Sweetener Exporters in India

Neotame can be used in a variety of food and drink applications, including baking and cooking, because it does not degrade when exposed to high temperatures like aspartame does. Its longer storage life is another selling point for the food industry. When compared to other artificial sweeteners, Neotame's pure, sugar-like taste stands out. We are ranked among the most trusted Neotame Artificial Sweetener Exporters in India. As a result, it's a go-to option for people trying to cut back on sugar without sacrificing flavor.

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Neotame Nutrasweet

Form Powder
Packaging Size 1kg 25kg
Usage/Application Beverages
Taste Sweet
Purity 99%

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