Aspartame Sweetener

Aspartame Sweetener in Gurgaon

Aspartame should be at least 98% pure to meet industry standards. You can check the purity level by reviewing the manufacturer's certificate of analysis or testing the product in a laboratory. Tag Ingredients India Pvt Ltd is one of the most prominent aspartame sweetener manufacturer in Gurgaon. These are utilized in the production of a vast array of commodities, such as carbonated soft drinks, frozen desserts, novelties, puddings, yogurt-like products, baked goods, chocolates, and many other items.

Aspartame Suppliers in India

Aspartame is a sugar substitute made from aspartic acid and phenylalanine (the methyl ester of these two amino acids). Our firm is one of the leading Aspartame Suppliers in India. The use of low-calorie sweeteners has several positive psychological and physiological effects. The benefits of sweeteners in aiding in weight management, diabetes control, and reducing the risk of dental caries are recognized by both health professionals and consumers. The food and beverage business would not be the same without these sweeteners playing an important part. 

Why Choose Aspartame Sweetener for Business

Aspartame is a popular sweetener that is used in many food and beverage products because it is low in calories and has a similar taste to sugar. Choosing aspartame as a sweetener for your business can be a smart choice because it can help you to reduce the calorie content of your products without sacrificing taste. Additionally, aspartame is stable at high temperatures, which makes it suitable for use in baked goods and other products that require heating during processing. Overall, using aspartame as a sweetener can help you to create healthier products that still taste great, which can be a big selling point for consumers who are looking for healthier options.

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Aspartame Powder

Form Powder
Brand SinoSweet
Packaging Size 1kg
Packaging Type Cardboard Box
Usage/Application Food Ingredients
Self Life 3 Years
Color White
Molecular Weight 294.3 g/mol
Vapor Pressure 3.2.7
Melting Point 246-247 DegreeC

With our vast experience & knowledge in this field, we are engaged in providing a quality-assured range of Aspartame Powder.

Additional Information:

  • Delivery Time: 4 to 6 Working Days
  • Packaging Details: 25 Kg Cardboard box, inside 1 Kg Pack.
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 100 Kilogram.

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